Nautilus Live!

The Nautilus Exploration Program focuses on three main areas of marine science: biology, geology, and archeology. No matter what area a particular cruise focuses on, the Corps of Exploration is ready for whatever they may come across in the depths of the sea. Over 95% of the ocean is unexplored, and that number approaches 100% for its deepest regions where the Nautilus team does most of their work. Above all else, Nautilus lives up to its title as an "Exploration Vessel" - each cruise has specific objectives, but the path changes constantly throughout the season as new discoveries come to light.

Bridge DATA - Coral Bleaching: A White Hot Problem

Some of the planet's most diverse ecosystems are at risk. With temperatures on the rise, coral reefs are at greater risk for coral bleaching. In this DATA exercise, students assess coral bleaching using water temperature data from the NOAA National Data Buoy Center to discuss howit may have affected coral reefs and predict what may be on the horizon.

The Bridge's own DATA Series is made up of lesson plans (DATA Tips) on many ocean science topics that explore the world of water using the language of science: mathematics. Learn more about the DATA Series.