Discovery of Sound in the Sea

This in-depth site defines sound and describes its measurement, behavior in water, and importance to marine life and humans. Follow the Resources link for interactive lessons plans using audio data, plus reference materials. Extensive audio gallery includes examples of sound production by invertebrates, fishes, marine mammals. Human uses of underwater sound and the technology and applications of acoustic equipment are explained. The Career Gallery has profiles of researchers in physical oceanography, marine biology, engineering and other careers.

Bridge DATA - Sea Level Trends

This lesson is designed as an introductory activity exploring one facet of global climate change. Students will access real scientific data to investigate and compare long-term changes in sea level from different coastal locations around the United States.

The Bridge's own DATA Series is made up of lesson plans (DATA Tips) on many ocean science topics that explore the world of water using the language of science: mathematics. Learn more about the DATA Series.