Voice of the Sea

Voice of the Sea is an original, half-hour television series produced by theHawai'i Sea Grant. More than 90 episodes are available online (along with descriptions and 30-second promos that give you a preview). The episodes present global marine issues in a local context, incorporating traditional knowledge and cultural practices. Episodes highlight ocean research and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Viewers learn about current science research, itÂ’s importance to them, and the ways in which traditional knowledge can inform science and management practices.

Bridge DATA - Diatomaceous Sediments: Ooze Clues

Just as ocean beaches display a variety of sand types, the ocean floor has different sediment types. Sediments can come from land, living organisms, chemical reactions in the water column, and even outer space. When skeletal remains of microscopic organisms make up more than 30% of the sediment, it is called "ooze." In this activity, students will plot the distribution of various oozes using information from sediment maps.

The Bridge's own DATA Series is made up of lesson plans (DATA Tips) on many ocean science topics that explore the world of water using the language of science: mathematics. Learn more about the DATA Series.