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bullet Bridge DATA Series: West Coast Shipwrecks Answer Page

General Questions

  1. Name at least six geographic locations that were named for ships that wrecked at the sites.

    Answer: Tennessee Cove (Tennessee), Pigeon Point (Carrier Pigeon), Harlech Castle Rock (Harlech Castle), Ventura Rock (Ventura), and Franklin Point (Sir John Franklin) in MBNMS; Noonday Rock (Noonday) in the GFNMS; and, Umatilla Reef (Umatilla) in OCNMS

  2. Name the four shipwrecks that carried cargoes for America's railway expansion.

    Answer:G. W. Prescott (CINMS), Louis (GFNMS), Samoa (GFNMS), and Emily Farnum (OCNMS)

  3. Two shipwrecks are sister-ships and were lost in different sanctuaries; can you name the ships?

    Answer: Goldenhorn (CINMS) and Matterhorn (OCNMS)

  4. During the late 19th century what government agency was responsible for providing assists to shipwreck victims in the OCNMS and GFNMS?

    Answer: U.S. Life-Saving Service

  5. Name two vessels built to carry liquid cargoes that shipwrecked in two different sanctuaries. Had their tanks been loaded, potential impacts on the marine environment would have been disastrous.

    Answer: Pectan (CINMS) and Frank H. Buck (MBNMS)

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